App Eater (Uninstaller)

App Eater (Uninstaller)

A highly functional uninstaller for Android

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App Eater main screen screenshot

Remove unwanted apps with ease:

  • Quickly access last installed, last updated, and most recently used apps
  • Revert system apps to factory version
  • Remove system apps (if rooted)
  • Long press to open app, open app info, open Play Store listing, or share app
  • View uninstall history
  • Lock apps to prevent accidental removal
  • Track number of total uninstalls
App Eater list mode screenshot

Manage all of your apps using list mode:

  • View all installed packages (including non-applications like widgets)
  • Batch uninstall any number of apps
  • Silently uninstall large numbers of apps (if rooted)
  • Sort by name, install date, update date, size, system/user installed, recently used, and locked status
  • Reverse sorting order
  • Search all apps for a specific string
  • View device storage info
  • View app version (optional)
App Eater widgets screenshot

Uninstall apps without opening the app with homescreen widgets:

  • Easy to use- just tap and confirm
  • Widgets show the icon of the app to be uninstalled
  • Option to create widget for last installed, last updated, or most recently used app
  • Perfect for getting rid of a bad app you just installed or removing that app you've decided you just don't like anymore
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