Notification Timer (Stopwatch)

Notification Timer (Stopwatch)

Stopwatch timers that run in the notification drawer- no need to open an app!

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Notification Timer main notification screenshot

Use stopwatch timers right from your notification drawer

  • No need to open an app- view and use your timers from anywhere!
  • Track billable work hours, time spent on personal projects, hobbies, chores, exercise, sports, or anything else!
  • Start, stop, reset, and close timers easily
  • Save time and effort by not having to search for an app and wait for it to open in order to access timers
  • Focus on an individual timer (hide the others) with a single button press- show all timers again by pressing the button again
Notification Timer main app screenshot

Create and manage multiple timers

  • Show and hide individual timers as you need them
  • Deactivate/reactivate all timers with a single button press
  • Easily reset all timers at once
  • View individual timer history (up to 1000 events per timer)
  • Set time manually (in case you forget to start/stop a timer)
  • Reorder timers as you like (in both notification and app)
  • Lots of options in Settings to adjust how the app and timers function
Notification Timer customization screenshot

Customize timers and app style

  • Give each timer a unique display name to make it stand out
  • Personalize timers with more than 40 color options
  • Choose to hide buttons you don't need to avoid accidental resets and dismissals
  • Dark and light themes for app
  • Choose from dark, light, and black timer styles
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