Pic Perfect (Image Compare)

Pic Perfect (Image Compare)

Image compare and photo management for Android

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Pic Perfect compare screenshot

Compare images:

  • Easily view images side by side
  • Compare two at a time to find the best out of a set of photos
  • Zoom in to see the fine details
  • Quick mode: narrow down the best burst mode photo without having to look at each one
  • Complete mode: view every single photo to find the best (perfect for redundant shots or picking album covers)
  • No more need to flip back and forth through your gallery to find that perfect picture
Pic Perfect manage screenshot

Manage your photos:

  • After comparing them, do what you want with your selected and unselected images
  • Copy, move, or delete them
  • Post photos to social network sites, share with friends, or send to any other app that accepts photos
  • If you ended up with the wrong "perfect pic," simply go back and recompare
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