Magic Match

Magic Match

A challenging magical puzzle game

Freelance project for Weasel Warrior Studios- port from native iOS to Unity (iOS/Android)

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Magic Match gameplay

Combine the magical runes!

  • Exploring an uncharted rainforest, you discover an ancient well overflowing with magical power and threatened by a dark energy
  • Destroy corrupt runes and level-up power runes to defeat the enemy!
  • Get your light runes all the way to level 10 to make them overpower and explode all the corrupt runes
  • Defend this ancient well of power, and prevent its corruption!
Magic Match profile

Fully customizable profile page

  • Change your wallpaper and decorate your page with your achievements
  • Show off your stats by adding your friends. Everyone will be able to check out your awesome profile!
  • All game content purchasable with in-game currency
  • Unlock themes, runes, and soundtracks to change how the game looks and feels to make the adventure unique to you
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